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Shrink fit units generally used on spindle bearing of CNC machinery quickly shrinks in and out function. 
This equipment directly uses induction heating system to make the clamping chuck dilate to the range to fit the cutter. 
After cool down by cooling system, cutter will perfectly connect with shrink fit units. 
Specially if you do high speed, or high torque machining, you will like to use shrink fit units.

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GIS-10000A is big power for portable size of shrink fit machine. Friendly design has automatic heating coil also inch moving. Special design to pull up broken cutter in shrink fit holder to keep holder longer life, 7" color PLC.


GIS-6000A is basic model of shrink fit machine Friendly design has automatic heating coil also inch moving. Long term working design connect air compressor to protect coil. increase CNC production line. New design uses ligher material of external case to save shipping cost.


GIS-10KB is fully capable of providing an various types of shrink holders, stainless steel and steel types of holders are workable.