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Metallography is the study of the physical structure and components of metals, typically using microscopyCeramic and polymeric materials may also be prepared using metallographic techniques, hence the terms ceramography, plastography and, collectively, materialography.

During the polishing step the embedding (mounting) permits to limit the edge effects For manual polishing, it is easy to grip the sample. For automatic polishing, it is good to gather a number of sample in a sample holder under tightening conditions.

Two kind of resin to choice :

  • Cold resins for fast operation
  • Hot resins for minimum shrinkage, but you need mounting machine
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Automatic hot mounting press GIS-AM is latest new model, automatic pressure, touch screen controls, electro hydraulic pressure, noise level below 48 decibels available to the most popular inch and mm size.


Manual hot mounting press GIS-MM is basic model manual adding pressure, heating and cooling time, suitable on various materials.